Technology used to authenticate users

Research division of Yahoo has made a new method of biometrics security using technology already available on smartphones. It’s about something called Bodyprint, a technology that uses the tactile device to recognize different parts of the user, such as ears or fingers. The new technology allows any user and location such as Track Phone and works with the phone number.


In theory the technology could be implemented at any smart device software market. Although we are very close to launching Bodyprint, Yahoo believes he has found an ingenious and very cheap method for securing smart devices, regardless of the price category they fall into. To unlock the device using their technology simply touch the screen registered body. You can unlock the phone by lifting it to your ear, tapping the palm or fist positioning tactile surface and one or more fingers, elements unique to each person.

Zoom in Furthermore, Yahoo presents some applications in authentication. Passwords for different services can thus be protected by a fingerprint of its kind, and various documents. One example involves securing a document prints from two different people, authentication requires the presence of both parties. Unfortunately, this technology will not arrive very soon on smart devices, as it is still in the research stage.

Yahoo According to studies, technology has demonstrated a 99.98% accuracy rate in identifying body parts and a percentage of 99.52% accuracy in identifying users. It is not clear whether Yahoo will achieve something using this technology, if a launch, whether it will license or whether it will give all for free.

The fact is that biometric authentication will remain currently high-end devices and will require the user fingerprint technologies like Bodyprint until they reach the market. Biometric means the latest technology is used to authenticate users in computer systems. The novelty of the system is to protect user authentication information by storing them on smart cards and access control is achieved through means such biometric information.

Basically means biometric replace PIN smart card so that it eliminates the need for the owner of the smart card to store its code secret authentication achieved by reading fingerprint or iris (features native user) without requiring extra effort its part. Facebook’s authentication system is vulnerable because it would allow hackers to steal your identity and some Internet users to access most online accounts where you can connect via social networking, cyber security specialists say Bitdefender. For the attack to succeed, the e-mail address of the victim must not already associated with a Facebook account, but can be used alternative addresses held by it. Typically, users have more than one e-mail, some public Internet and therefore is available to any evildoer.

Charlie Sheen revelations about his personal life

American actor, Charlie Sheen said in a recent interview that not infected with HIV in any of his sexual partners, after being diagnosed with the virus that triggers AISD. American star discussed his personal life in an interview with Piers Morgan in a special show, whih was filmed at the Theatre Royal in London.


After if unprotected intercourse after learning he is HIV positive, Charlie Sheen replied: “I have never done this before. Because I would not do such a thing to anyone. Even I would not do it! How could I explain to that person afterwards? “. His statements come but contrary to the allegations made by some of his former sexual partners who said they had unprotected intercourse with Charlie Sheen, a period in which he already knew he was HIV-positive. “Nobody has been infected by me. Anyone, “insisted the actor, in his discussion with Piers Morgan. More informations website .

“They claim the sorrow and pity public opinion, but that’s not their fault, and I know too well the truth,” he added the actor, referring to some of his former sexual partner. Charlie Sheen, former star of the comedy series “Two and a Half Men” announced publicly that HIV-positive in November 2015 and confirmed in the same ad that was diagnosed with HIV several years ago.

Asked what was his reaction immediately after learning diagnisticul, Charlie Sheen said: “I thought it can not, it’s a mistake, I asked the doctors to do the tests again. In all the chaos, you always say: “That happens to others, not me.” Despite his assertion, that has not had unprotected sex after being diagnosed with HIV, the actor admitted, however, that not all partners’ told her he was infected with sexually transmitted disease. “Only once or twice did I mention partners of my so because, in the last 25 times when I told someone that, those people have used the information against me have used my illness to get fame and financial gain” he added the American star. Brochures handed out viewers who witnessed his show Piers Morgan stated that the actor spent more than $ 10 million in recent years to “buy the silence” of his former sexual partners who were HIV positive status Californian and that -ar threatened him with the disclosure in the media with their condition.

“The number of those contemptible charlatans, who I thought were my allies, but then turned against me, is crazy high,” said the actor. Charlie Sheen, the son of a “veteran” of Hollywood, Martin Sheen became known in 1986 with her role in the film “Platoon,” directed by Oliver Stone. After several roles on the big screen, made the transition to television and starred in “Two and a Half Men” sitcom extremely popular.

Also, Charlie Sheen admitted that last 20 years was about to enter into a major scandal after he slept with the daughter of a “British minister very famous.” “Now 20 I had sex with a girl. it was not known, but her father is famous. I knew it was his daughter. So I learned that I slept with the daughter of a minister in the UK. All I can say is that my men pulled me out very quickly country, but Interpol was watching me because of it, “admitted Sheen.

7 days after BREXIT

The first official results of the vote will be announced around noon. Besides the outcome of the vote, there are a number of uncertainties, writes, citing Reuters.
Prime Minister David Cameron said he would notify “immediately” EU if Britain will come, but may need a few days.

As most British exit from the EU voted for Cameron will be subject probably under tremendous pressure from the Conservative Party or to resign. He might be forced to resign.

BrexitFinancial markets will be volatile. Bank of England and European Central Bank have already developed plans to cope with a possible “Brexit shock” that would damage British pound and euro.

Ministers for European Affairs and Ambassadors of Member States shall be gathered Luxembourg at 10 local routine discussions that will provide the first chance for many to react.
Germany, France and the EU institutions will react to the outcome of the vote. The foreign ministers of the six founding members of the bloc – Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg – would be met on Friday in Berlin, officials say.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, head of the EU Executive will meet with European Council President Donald Tusk, who chairs EU summits, and with European Parliament President Martin Schulz in Brussels at local time 10.30 (11.30 GMT) . Will be present and Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, whose government holds the rotating presidency of the EU to take note of the situation and to send a message.

According to analysts, all messages sent will have three leitmotifs. The first will be regret for the loss of almost a fifth of the EU economy, a large part of the defense force and face diminishing global influence. The second will respect the will of the British people. And the third will be to determine to continue the European integration.
“The show must go on,” said a senior EU official.
There could be a fourth message. There will be threats of harsh repercussions for those who want to go, meant to discourage others to follow British.

Some finance ministers of the Eurozone have suggested it could be an emergency meeting of the eurogroup, but senior officials have said that this is unlikely, because the European Central Bank and other institutions will be charged with administering the fray.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will chair an emergency meeting of the 28 commissioners, including the British, Jonathan Hill. The Commission will be responsible for negotiating the “divorce”.

EU officials insist that there is no “Plan B” for Brexit, statements reminiscent of the last summer, when Greece was on the verge of being excluded from the bloc. A source says backstage discussions there will be a “Sala B” where a team of lawyers and experts will be ready to take over EU talks. “The idea is that everything will be ready for months,” the source explained.


Start of a new week on global financial markets will allow investors and voters to demand clear answers on where the heads of EU and UK. Both London and Brussels will provide insurance in connection with the launch of negotiations organized. They will also emphasize that nothing will change in the short term, neither for companies nor for citizens.
To take place an EU summit 24 hours.
David Cameron’s political career might end, but the prime minister will probably remain in office until his party deeply divided, will choose a successor. He would attend a dinner in Brussels.
The big question will be if you take the opportunity to notify him officially on the summit chairman, Donald Tusk, that activates Article 50 of the EU Treaty, the legal basis for Britain to leave the bloc.
Meanwhile in London, the pro-Brexit might try to stall and to challenge the legitimacy of Cameron to launch the process.
EU officials and diplomats say they would like Britain to immediately launch the process of exit and have ruled out any new negotiations, but do not see, for now, no legal method by which to force the hand of London.
EU Treaty does not allow exclusion from the bloc, but there will be an intense political pressure as London willingness to respect voters and the other 27 Member States could begin talks without Britain.
Where most Britons would vote against Brexit, summit participants will discuss the rapid implementation of the reform package agreed in March, which provides a number of advantages to London on the EU.
In the second day of the summit, leaders of the other 27 Member States will meet without Cameron. The EU will have to find ways to cover the hole left in the budget to exit the UK and to inform EU citizens of the UK and mainland Britons about their future rights.
EU leaders could exert pressure for a quick proof of unity and greater integration. Divisions between Paris and Berlin on euro zone administration will probably impossible, a set of major measures before elections in both countries in 2017. But could resume talks on closer cooperation in the defense field. Moreover, a review of European security policy are already on the summit agenda.
Among other initiatives, aimed in particular to counteract chances Eurosceptic candidate Marine Le Pen in France’s chairmanship in 2017 could include measures to create more jobs, especially for young people.
However, there are voices, including European Council President Donald Tusk Polish, which warns of a removal voters by accelerating the pace of integration.
EU leaders must give the Commission a negotiating mandate for the EU out of London. Part of Britons believe that talks for Brexit might take more than two years, to include the negotiation of new trade agreements. But an extension would require the unanimous agreement of EU member states in Brussels and few expect this to be possible.
Some experts suggest that negotiations with Britain on trade agreements with the EU could take place in parallel with the output. On the other hand, Juncker said that the EU’s priority will be divorced in two years, then starting negotiations from scratch.
The seventh day, THURSDAY 30 JUNE

After the shock Brexit site, citizens will begin to realize that things remain, for now, unchanged. All EU laws will still apply in the country for another two years after London triggers the output. Meanwhile, British MEPs remain in the European Parliament Hill remains commissioner and thousands of Britons will continue working in the EU institutions. British ministers will take part in further councils, but their voice will not be heard. In addition, London will give up to take over the EU presidency in the second half of 2017 as scheduled.